Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall – Review and Canada Wide Giveaway

29 Nov

kawaii crushIf you’re looking for a fun gift for that special little person on your shopping list, check out the Kawaii Crush line. We got to test out the Hyper Happy Mall and it was so cute! The whole set is really bright and colourful – everything has personality!

This set comes with the whole mall set up, a Kawaii Crush doll, 3 pets, 40 play accessories – and best part of all – no batteries! Just lots of creative play, letting the kid use their own imagination.

There’s an elevator that really works, lots of little parts to set up and change around – hours of play with this one. Easy to put away too, with these types of toys we put all the smaller pieces in a sealed bag and when kiddo wants to play with it she takes it out, and then it all needs to go back in.

There are smaller pieces in this one, so not for 3 and under, but good for many years after that. Mine is almost 8 and still enjoys setting it all up, being creative with it and it’s nice to have a quiet toy to play with. The sets and dolls are available at all your local toy stores 🙂


One lucky person will be winning their own Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall set! Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Check out the Kawaii Crush site and comment with which character is your favourite

2 – Comment with who you would want to give this set to and why

3 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so – you can earn a daily entry for this one!

Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Tuesday Dec. 3rd at noon – Good Luck everyone!

61 Replies to “Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall – Review and Canada Wide Giveaway

  1. I’m a total pb&j girl so I have two favourites…. Netty Betty Creamy crunch and Shelly Jelly Jam!
    I would love to give this to my nieces that are 4 and 6. I think they would love playing with these fun and colourful dolls!

  2. Jamie Framie is really cute! Although I’d love to give it to my daughter, I’m sure the girl on our Christmas hamper list would love this or add it to our toys we’re donating to the Children’s Hospital.

  3. I would love to give this to my niece for Christmas (but keep it at my place) so she has something to play with at my new house!

  4. My 5 year old would be thrilled to open this up Christmas morning!
    He’s a boy but he loves to play with anything with people and animals. And purple is his favorite color!

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