Huge coupon giveaway!!!!

9 Oct


After stocking the coupon chains I have a lot of coupons left over – what’s better than a coupon giveaway!! 🙂

First of all, big thanks to all the coupon fairies who supply me with all these amazing coupons to share!


This is a simple giveaway, one lucky person will be winning all the coupons show, and they’re piled up in the picture – there’s over $150 in coupons!! These are awesome grocery coupons, coffee, meat, cheese, yogourt, frozen food etc.  Perfect to help cut your costs at the grocery store, stock a coupon binder – even to start out a coupon binder!!

And for every 100 entries I will pick additional winners too who will receive a $50 coupon pack filled with similar coupons – no limit on this so feel free to share it with all your friends! Example – if there’s 300 entries, I will do the big prize pack, and then 3 smaller giveaways!


Here are your ways to enter for this giveaway:

1 – Comment below with how much you normally save monthly with coupons – if you’re not using coupons yet, comment with how much you’d want to save!

2 – Follow me on twitter – comment that you did so.

3 – join our awesome facebook group – comment that you did so.

4 – Earn a daily entry for either tweeting, or posting the link to this giveaway online!! Make sure to comment each time you do!

This giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Tuesday Oct. 15th at noon – Good Luck to everyone!!


109 Replies to “Huge coupon giveaway!!!!

  1. Following on Facebook and Twitter. I currently save around 5 dollars weekly with coupons but would love to save much mote

  2. Every month is a different flavour. Some months I save up to $150. Some months closer to $20. Depends how much I shop, and how many FPC I have. 🙂

  3. Im only beginning to learn of the magic of coupons. I used to think that saving an extra 50 cents here or there doesnt matter much.I was wrong!..Im working my way up.I folliw u on fb and twitter.

  4. I usually save around $60 a month using coupons! I’m just starting my coupon clipping journey, and learning about all the places I can find them. After having my first child 10 months ago, coupons definitely help with grocery/toiletries costs!

  5. $15, I don’t seem to find much of what we eat in terms of coupons, but would love to save more. Most of that is just underjams coupons. So many of the coupons I see in store are for highly processed foods. Having some for fresh stuff would be great.

  6. I use coupons often…..and save and with the in-store sales too. but guessing to about $20.00 plus. I have never counted but know I’ve had some $6.00 saving on one dishwasher product…

  7. If you count Safeway club card, I usually save 35-50% between club card and savings on almost every trip (I cherry pick there). Coupons alone, I probably save about $50 a month. More if you include stores other than groceries. I’m part of your facebook group.

  8. It seems as if there aren’t many coupons around these days. The best ones I find are manufacturer’s coupons that are in-store. If they are dated for a long time, I grab a few. 😉 Any amount saved would be awesome, as I am on a fixed income. I just love when you have a coupon and the product is on sale!

    I follow you on twitter already (cadria04) and I am on the FB group.

  9. I am not sure how much I save with coupons in a month. I would say it depends on the month and the coupons available. Anywhere between 10 and 50 a month I’m guessing.
    Love the addition of checkout 51 and snapsaves too.

  10. Followed, joined and shared. I save about $50 a month with coupons but hope to save more as I build my coupon binder

  11. I save between 20 and 70 dollars each month. It depends what I am buying that month and how many coupons I have beenable to accumulate

  12. already a member of the group.
    Depending on how big of a shop I do I can save a couple of dollars and once I saved almost $20!

  13. I usually save 20 – 70 dollars per month. Depends on what I need to buy that month and the coupons I have een able to accumulate. I also follow you on facebook

  14. I use about $15 of coupons a month, but wish I could use more. I find that a lot of coupons out there are for thins I don’t use and mostly for cleaning supplies. There is just so much spray cleaners I can store 🙂

  15. i usually save about 20-30 each month, i follow on facebook hoping to learn how to save more and i love passing on new info i get about deals in the city as well as extra coupons i have to friends that can really use it. couponing is all about sharing 🙂

  16. I probably save around $10/month. Then again, we don’t eat that much processed food. Already following on Facebook and Twitter. Tweeted this contest 🙂 Thanks Nadine!

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