How to save on holiday fun! :)

9 Nov

Love being on the CBC, fun to share our frugality with more people! 🙂 Welcome to anyone new, if you have questions post them up, there are some great people on here full of knowledge!

So, it’s obviously a hot topic, how to keep your holiday spending in check, and low! My top things are using shopper’s points to redeem for whatever you need – if you’re new to them, don’t worry, it’s not too late to start! If you need giftcards for gifts, or for you to use for your actual shopping head over to shopper’s drugmart soon! You have to buy 150$ of cards in one shot, but the selection is great, something for everyone!

I also mentioned Le Market on DesMeurons, all kinds of brand new toys and games at 50% off their original price – lots of good quality ones. Amazing selection of grown up puzzles too – some really fun ones!

Airmiles! 🙂 Right now Madison Square has spend 100$ get 150 airmiles, spend 200$ get 300 airmiles! (so sleepy i thought it was 250 this morning, even though i’ve been there and gotten them!)  Those airmiles can be used for flights of course, but can also be redeemed for gifts, gift cards – either for gifts or to cut your own costs during the holidays!

Another one I forgot to mention is group buying sites – like TeamBuy, Groupon etc.  I used these a lot last year for xmas. It’s great because if you’re buying gifts for someone in another city you can look at their city’s page and buy something nearby! A great way to get a quick and good deal on anything – who knows what will come up before xmas? 😉 Last year I bought restaurant ones, hair salons etc. A good way to double your shopping dollar!

What are your tips for a month (and a bit more) before the holidays? We will do baking/cooking tips at a later date too!


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5 Replies to “How to save on holiday fun! :)

  1. Great job on the radio! I know that you mentioned buying more practical gifts for Christmas. I’ve been noticing that at my Norwex parties. A lot of people are buying Norwex products for Christmas gifts. I have many people asking for the mop for Christmas and those who don’t want to buy such practical gifts are buying from our Organic skin care line.

    Home parties are a great way to get the gifts you need. Host a party and you can use the free hostess gifts as gifts (or keep them for yourself 😉 ). It’s a fun way to get together with friends in a relaxing environment and shop while you visit and snack. Can’t get much easier than that!

  2. Great tips!

    Another on is Epicure is selling Santa Packs for $24.99 worth between $50-$80. Great items inside and always a surprise. Great practical, fun gift to give! If you want more information just send me an email [email protected]

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