How to save Money at Michaels

16 Mar


You might be wondering – is it really possible to save money at Michaels? It seems like a pretty expensive store if you don’t shop there often – you walk in and see the full priced items and it’s a bit of sticker shock.

Here are some of my tips for getting the most out of your crafting dollars. They’re easy to do, and if you shop at Michaels it’ll save you quite a bit.

The obvious is to wait for sales of course – a lot of items go on sale for buy one get one free etc. but if you don’t want to wait, just make sure to use a coupon. Every week there are new coupons, you can get some on your receipt but also just online and show it on your phone.

Check their site every time you go for coupons – they can vary usually from 40-55% off! You can find these coupons right on the Michaels site.

IMG_20160316_140915If you’re into seasonal crafting, most of the stuff goes on sale a lot the week before the event, like for Easter, Valentine’s Day etc. Or wait and stock up in the days after when it’s 75% off or more for next year.

The best tip though and a must do if you’re a big crafter is to check the clearance and as is sections. They’re in different spots at every store – the ones in Winnipeg are easy to find. On Ste. Annes it’s on the far side of the store past the baking supplies. On Regent, it’s at the back of the store near the framing supplies. And on St. James it’s past the cashiers on the far wall at the front of the store.

These items are the best deals in town! They can be in there for a variety of reasons – open packaging, out of season, some sort of flaw. Make sure to check through whenever you go to see what there is.

IMG_20160311_151736Some examples of what I’ve found in there – the 37 cent little paint by number. Nothing wrong with it at all, guess it was the last one left.

And a huge pack of 5 canvasses, pretty large sized ones. Regular $16.99 but because one of them had a tear it was down to $4.25! Use the flawed one for a collage or some other fun project.

In the clearance section you’ll often find items that are perfect for birthday parties – but also tons of wedding supplies at about a quarter of retail or less!

If you like to plan your crafts in advance, or are pretty creative the as is can be a goldmine! I make sure to always look through and use my imagination, some of our best projects have been from items found in there.

And remember that if you’re a senior you get 10% off and teachers get 15% off everyday!


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