How to make a birdbath for free, or nearly

6 Jul

If you have a birdfeeder in your yard – or several – it’s a great idea to have a birdbath.

I bought a small one, but when I was looking for a few more I found they were pretty pricey.

So, I decided to just diy a few.

All you need is a tomato cage to start and some sort of bowl or tray to fit on top.

For my first one I used an old dollarstore tray that we had laying around, I made a few holes in it and then zip-tied it right to the cage. I found it too high so I snipped the bottom of the cage off and used it to make a lower one. For that one I used a clay liner for under a pot. Just find one that’s the right size.

Just add some rocks so they can tell the depth and change the water daily. Done 🙂

The birds, and squirrels love them. And when it’s really hot I always put a plate out for the rabbits too.

You could really spruce them up too – spray paint to tomato cage, line it with tiles, use a pretty bowl etc.

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