How to get Social Prizes in Manitoba

23 Oct

Whether you’re having a social for your upcoming wedding, or a fundraiser for a sports team, charity etc – social prizes can be a huge part of that. They can be quite the money maker, Manitobans love to win prizes! 🙂

Getting the prizes can be the tricky part, but it doesn’t have to be.

Easiest way is to get you and your wedding party (or fundraiser organizers) to simply ask businesses that you frequent if they’d want to donate a prize or a certificate. Put everyone in charge of getting a few prizes, so it’s not all on one person.

Ask any businesses you can think of – hair salons, insurance brokers, mechanic, home based sellers – you’d be surprised who wants to donate. Sometimes they do a certificate or a basket – and if their services are not a concrete item, sometimes they just want to include their business cards with a prize.

If you’ve run out of places to ask – we have a great list in our facebook group of companies that people have had luck with. It’s quite the long list, and make sure to add to it if you know of any others that are good.

Another way is to get people to keep an eye on huge sales – black friday, markdown days, end of season clearance etc.  Stock up on a few huge prizes that way to complement what you get locally.

Crowdsource with friends and family (or on facebook) and find out what people want to win – and get some of those!

Get creative with your prizes too – a lot of variety means a lot more ticket sales, and revenue for your wedding or charity.

And if you’re reading this wondering what a social is (if you’re not from the prairies) it’s a party couples throw before a wedding, usually rent a hall, sell tickets to get, drink tickets, and silent auction type tickets to raise money for the wedding and other expenses. Also makes a great fundraiser for variety of reasons – lots of revenue possibilities, and a fun night out.

2 Replies to “How to get Social Prizes in Manitoba

  1. Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel & Spa has a social prize package ready for pickup. The cost is $42.50 and you get over $300 in various gift certificates including Dinner for Two and discount room coupons!!!

  2. Mariaggi’s Theme Suite Hotel & Spa contact number is 1-204-947-9447. Located Downtown Winnipeg. 231 McDermot Ave. R3B 0S4. Come down with a letter or a cancelled social ticket to pick up wedding social prize package.

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