How to Budget For Your Family’s Spring Vacation

13 May

Once the snow melts and the temperatures rise, many Canadians and their families start looking to their maps and passports for vacation inspiration. Planning your family’s spring vacation is an exciting venture, though it’s not without its challenges. Financially, taking a trip can change your budget depending on your current spending and saving habits.

While you may have the destination in mind, do you have the budget tools in place to ensure you can enjoy your trip without sacrificing your financial health?

Let’s take a look at a few simple money management tips to help you make the most of your family’s spring vacation.

Find the Right Budget Tool

The first and most important step to creating a healthy budget is finding a tool that works for you and your family. Your chosen budget helper will allow you to clearly see where your money is being spent and key areas where you can save or invest. This helps you take steps to set money aside for your desired spring vacation.

If you were previously accessing online personal loans in Canada, a budget app might be the perfect tool. These apps are designed to help you take your finances wherever you go, making money management more convenient than ever. On the other hand, a simple spreadsheet might be what you need, depending on the complexity of your expenses and investments.

Plan a Local Vacation

Taking a trip doesn’t have to mean strictly plane rides and exotic destinations. Instead, consider planning a more local-based vacation with your family. In many cases, there are cities in Canada worth exploring within a short drive. Road trips can also save lots of money since airfare in the spring can cost much more than off-peak seasons. Use this opportunity to explore the cities around you. You’ll still be able to make memories, and you may save more money along the way.

Find Free Activities

No matter which destination you’ve chosen, there are sure to be several free activities and events to take advantage of — particularly in warmer seasons. From Vancouver to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between, you can find several activities your family can enjoy with a short amount of research. Free events are one of the simplest ways to keep your vacation budget-friendly.

Bring Your Own Food

Even though you’re on vacation, feeding a family solely with restaurant meals and take-out will cost a pretty penny. Instead of sacrificing the majority of your budget, allocate one or two nights for a special sit-down dinner, and consider packing your food or booking a hotel with a kitchenette. The larger your family, the more money you’ll spend at restaurants which could be saved for excursions or tours.

Start Saving For Next Year

It’s never too late to start saving for your next vacation, and the more money you can set aside now, the longer the vacation you can take the following year. If this year is too last-minute to book a trip, start planning with your family and dreaming up destinations for next spring. If you can allocate money aside each month, you’ll have a comfortable nest egg and can plan the trip you and your family have been dreaming of.

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