Hotel Horror Update

21 Mar

As many of you know we had a terrible experience during our hotel stay last week. Wanted to update with what the resolution was.

I was able to get my airmiles back very quickly and they are looking into the hotel now – as they recommend them to airmiles customers.

I also contacted CAA since they have them listed as a triple diamond hotel – they are supposed to be looking into them also.

I contacted Best Western Customer Help – who were rude to me and of absolutely no help, wouldn’t even hear me out.

I then contacted their Corporate Head Office and got a great supervisor who looked into it all, phoned the hotel and got it all resolved for us. She was a pleasure to deal with, and renewed my faith in them a bit. I will be getting our first nights stay back, and a $100 gift card for the chain. Not refunded for all of our losses (including 2am hotel stay we had to book) but at least they are now looking into the hotel also.

I have contacted a few other places and hoping that will save some other people from having to go through this. Didn’t expect to be back from holidays and spending entire days on the phone – but it’s well worth it to me if it saves another family’s holiday.


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    • I know! The supervisor I dealt with today told me she was kind of hoping I had overdone the story a bit or something….she phoned the mgr of hotel in Edmonton and he fully admitted to every single thing! She was pretty floored by it.

  1. Good for you, Nadine!

    I’m glad that you did it to help other families. But, don’t feel bad to have done it for your family. You were treated unfairly. You were subjected to people who were running business in an inappropriate way.


    • Thanks Cindy! Our trip was already ruined…can’t go back in time, but can look ahead to help others for sure.
      I’m glad that we got part of our costs back at least, and learned a valuable lesson for sure. I’m hoping all the people I contacted really do look into it and stop promoting this “hotel”.

  2. Nadine I for one am glad you finally have some sort of resolution to your horrid stay! I am also glad and proud of you for sticking to your guns and giving em what for…there are far too many people who don’t complain long or hard enough! Well done you are my hero!!!

    • Thanks Rhonda! This was our first real family holiday (apart from camping and cabin) so was that much more disappointing. I just really hope all the people I contacted follow up and look into in – and I will be phoning them to make sure too. We didn’t expect perfection, but there’s no real way to make up for this. I’ll be curious to see future reviews on tripadvisor.

  3. I’m so sad to hear of your horrible experience especially it being your first real holiday! Kudos to you for all of the follow up, I’m sure that your efforts will save others from a similar nasty situation. I too have found Best Westerns to be very unpredictable; grungy to great. Definitely not my chain of choice.

    • Thanks! The support I got from everyone (apart from Best Western) is what helped keep me upbeat about it – and motivated to do something about it. It’s really weird that a chain can have such nice hotels, and such disasters – really hard to have faith in them.

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