Home made bread machine doughnuts and 2 glazes. Success or total mess???

26 Mar

Since we have been home for a few weeks now, I have been testing a lot of recipes. Figured might as well share the results. I am not a Great Baker – I will omit ingredients I don’t have and a lot of other baking no no’s.

So, if I can succeed with a recipe, you can guarantee it’ll work for you too!

I don’t have any special equipment, no special skills, and we have a tiny kitchen. So get ready for some honest reviews!

I hadn’t used our bread machine in years, but it sure has been getting a workout lately.

I will try to do a variety of recipes – if there’s anything you want me to try let me know.

I found this recipe for donuts that looked pretty simple, no weird or fancy ingredients.

Also made 2 glazes, Maple dip and chocolate dip.

For the dough, I used this recipe. I used almond milk, whole wheat flour and regular yeast. I softened the butter but I didn’t warm up any ingredients. Threw it all in, and it turned out perfectly.

I of course did not have a donut cutter, but I had this ice cream holder from the dollar store from years ago. Perfect donut shapes!! The centers didn’t cut out perfectly so I just popped them out with a knife. You could easily use a glass and the top of the bottle to make the inside hole. Whatever works.

I let the dough rise, deep-fried them til golden on both sides – and amazingly they completely looked and tasted like donuts!

I made two glazes, and I used these recipes. I only made a half recipe of each one. It made about a dozen donuts and a whole bunch of little donut holes and extra pieces.

The chocolate glaze turned out perfectly, great texture, really looked like a store donut. The maple one tasted good, but it was way too runny and was less a glaze, but more like a syrup solution that absorbed in.

I used almond milk for those too.

If you’re making the maple, I would put a lot less milk and really keep an eye on the texture.

All in all, these were a total success! I was actually really sad that I couldn’t share these with anyone, I was that impressed with them.

I think from start to finish, it was less than 3 hours.

So, homemade donuts – Total Success!!!

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