Higher value items at Dollarama

14 Jan

Whenever I go to Dollarama, I often notice name brand items or things I assume are worth more than the $4 or less than they are charging.

Last time I went I took some pictures of items that I thought would be higher value, to compare them when I had time at home to what they are on Amazon.

Of course items on Amazon can be higher priced, they can be reseller items etc. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the price you see on Amazon is what the item is worth.

But it’s a good way to gauge if the item is good or not, because there will be ratings and reviews and a general idea with the pricing.

A lot of the brand name items are often lower value models or older stock, so can be hard to find the exact match.

Here are some of the ones I saw that I found matches for and quite a few that I saw that were interesting for that price.

Pictures are from the Marion Dollarama in St Boniface.

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