Hanging Eucalyptus in the shower – spa at home!

8 Feb

I’ve been wanting to try hanging Eucalyptus in the shower for quite a while, but I wasn’t really sure how to do it or if it was worth it.

We often use eucalyptus shower bombs if we’re not feeling well, or for a little perk up.

I hate scented air fresheners – so figured this was worth a shot.

Found a great local florist who had it for $23 for a giant bundle. Everyone needs to go check out this shop, Petals by S&A. Price will fluctuate a bit on it, but they post their prices on Facebook which is great. Definitely worth going – really need selection of flowers and plants, lots of really cool pots – and super great pricing!! Found a lot of other stuff for the rest of the house, always nice and cheery in winter.

Back to the Eucalyptus 🙂

All you do is take your bundle, tie it by the stems with a piece of string and hang it somewhere in your bathroom. Can be by the showerhead, off the bar, a hook -wherever works for you.

Bundle was so large that next time I would definitely split it, it could be enough to probably do two or three bathrooms. I want to keep some too to put in the kitchen. You can trim it if it’s too long, use the extra stalks for bouquets etc.

The smell is great, have had it up for almost a week and we only have one bathroom so it’s getting used a lot and it’s still going strong. Super light fresh scent, not overwhelming. Very relaxing, can almost pretend you are at a spa 😜. Really nice even if you’re in the tub.

The scent is always there lightly, but when you take a shower it really activates it.

I’ve seen online that it can last anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

Definitely nice in the winter – apparently has a lot of health benefits for breathing, calm etc – and if you’re someone that doesn’t like chemicals or sprays this is a really great alternative.

For those who have tried it, how long did you find it lasted in your house?

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