Hallmark Northpole – Review and Giveaway

1 Dec

hallmark collage Hallmark has a great new movie out for the holidays – Northpole. It’s the story of a boy who notices holiday spirit disappearing, people are no longer doing all the traditional things they used to do. He meets an elf named Clementine and they work together to save the town of Northpole and to spread holiday cheer. It’s a great family movie, I watched it with my daughter when my husband wasn’t home, then the 2 of them watched it together and we have it saved for another viewing with grandma too. Check your tv guide to see if it’s on, if not you can pick it up in stores. Suitable for every family member 🙂

And one neat thing is that they came out with a whole line of products based on the film. My daughter had so much fun looking for them in the film. And these are the cutest holiday items ever!! I’ve completely fallen in love with this line – my daughter actually has a wishlist now from it.

Some of my favourites are the ones shown on the side, the sprinkle bell is so fun while making cookies – it releases just the right amount and it’s a great decoration too – you can refill it and use it year after year. The Northpole cozy nesting bowls are adorable, perfect for putting out snacks during the holidays. The Dance like an Elf is hilarious! Turn the dance machine on and follow instructions and do dances like Stir the hot chocolate, build a snowman and ski down the mountain. My daughter loves this one, perfect for holiday parties and to get the whole family involved. Another one that I love is the aprons – one says cookie maker on it for the grownup, and the kids one says cookie taker!! I think that’s a great gift idea for anyone who loves to bake together!

communicatorMy absolute favourite though is the Northpole Communicator. This plays a big part in the movie too. You set the time and date underneath and wait for Dec. 1st – if you try before you get funny messages. Dec. 1st turn it on and you’re chatting with people at the North Pole!! You can only do it once a day, and it’s super special that way. My daughter was so excited for this one – this morning she made us all get together and listen to it. A great holiday tradition for the entire family – and the thing I like the best is that you can actually buy an upgrade next year for it that fits in the bottom and will have different things to say! This is an amazing gift for a family – if you’re looking for something to get the family together and start getting into the holiday spirit I can’t recommend this one enough! The Communicator is $30 – I say run out and get it before they sell out! I really thought it was more like $50 to $80 with how neat it is.

And I’m happy to say I have one Northpole Communicator to give to one lucky reader!!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Comment with what you’d like to ask people at the Northpole

2 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so

3 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so.

Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Thursday Dec. 4th at noon – Good Luck everyone!

****CLOSED – Congrats to Sara who wins the communicator!

42 Replies to “Hallmark Northpole – Review and Giveaway

  1. My son would like to ask people at the Northpole how Santa is able to see everything he does and knows if he’s being good or bad? We actually watched this movie a few weeks ago and it was super cute.

  2. My kids always want to know what the elves, Santa and the reindeer are doing in the summer time. Go figure?! Lol…(Followed the rules in the posts). Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!

  3. I asked my 5 year old what she would ask the people at the north pole and she said ‘does Santa know for sure what I want for Christmas?’

  4. My kids and I would like to ask people at the North Pole how common Santa sightings are. Like, is he around everyday or do you only see him on special occasions?

  5. I would like to ask when Santa, the elves and the reindeer celebrate ‘their’ Christmas since they would be pretty tuckered out on December 25.

  6. My kids would love playing with this. I could only guess what kind of questions they would ask, such as favorite foods or what they enjoy doing in the summer time.

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