Grocery Flyer Deals this week!

11 Jun

DSC_0029-Edit  With this warm weather for the weekend I’m sure a lot of people are planning some bbqs! Lots of great grocery deals this week!

Safeway has coupons valid from June 12th to 14th, spend $75 get 50 airmiles, spend $100 get 100 airmiles.

They’re having an ultra stock up and save event. Kraft peanut butter 1kg is $3 when you buy 2 or more. McCain pizzas are $3.47 if you buy 3 or more, Clover Leaf tuna is 97 cents a can when you buy 10 or more, Quaker Granola bars are $1.67 if you buy 5 or more etc.

Hot offer of the week is buy 4 christie crackers and get a free block of best buy cheese. The crackers are 2 for $5 and get 5 airmiles when you buy 2 so it’s a great deal!

Sobeys has same airmiles coupon as Safeway. They have Kraft cheese for $5, sugardale bacon is $3. They have lots of buy this get that deals – like buy 1 pkg of lamb loin chops and get a free pack of rosemary, buy a schneiders ham and get a free schneiders bacon, buy 1 pack of johnsonville rounds get a pack of ground for free, buy a compliments shrimp ring get a box of popcorn shrimp etc.  There are a ton of those deals in every department, if you know your prices and need to do a big shop it’s a really great option. Just be very careful to grab the exact right products, keep the flyer close by.

Co-op has their ten for $10 Mix and Match event! So many possibilities there! cucumbers, kd, tuna, beans, sidekicks, bread etc. are 10 for $10. Lots of other stuff is 2 for $10, 3 for $10 etc. Again, if you know your prices it’s great! Perfect time to really stock up, things like bacon 4 for $10, johnsonville smokies 3 for $10 etc.  Lots of great summer items on sale too – perfect for bbqs and parties.


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