Grocery flyer deals – Including ones only for the new Sage Creek Sobeys

1 Nov

Sobeys has a special flyer this week just for the new Sage Creek location, so let’s start with those – and remember, these are only for that location…other locations might offer some of the promo’s, but I know some of this stuff is exclusively made at that one store.

Sobeys Sage Creek has more grand opening specials, valid all week til the 7th – 4L milk jugs are $3 each – limit of 2. Apples are $4 for a 5lb bag, strawberries are $1.50, ribs are $1.77 lb and Coke 2L are $1 and limit of 8.

They also have some pretty cool Kitchen deals for $7.99 – a new daily deal every day and they’re valid Monday to Saturday for 4pm to 9pm and sundays from 11am to 6pm.

Monday – whole chicken, Tuesday –  whole rack bbq pork ribs, Wednesday 1lb bbq pulled pork and 4 buns, Thursday 16″ pepperoni pizza (stove oven pizza), Friday 18 piece maki sushi boat and Saturday it’s 2 Schwartz’s montreal hot smoked sandwiches. Sunday – Half Al Taglio Sausage and mushroom Classico Pizza.

Also, Tuesday is 10% off day at Safeway and Sobeys.

Here are the deals for the regular Sobeys:  weekend only deals are mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for $2.50 each, bacon is $3.77 and folgers coffee for $6.

Rest of the week they have Dr. Oetker pizza for $3, lots of deals on frozen and comfort type food, meal deal is buy a rotisserie chicken and a resers side dish and get a free 8″ bakery pie.

Walmart is having their easy as $1, $2 and $3 event.

$1 deals are Michelina’s frozen entrees and swansons meat pies, primo soups, 1L choc milk, iogo nomad drinks, pom juice, Catelli pasta and catella garden sauces.

$2 deals are eggs, lay’s chips and jello refrigerated desserts.

$3 deals are satin soft or charmin bathroom tissue, maple leaf bacon and mini watermelons.

Those are the big ones, but there are tons of 1,2 and $3 deals throughout the flyer.

Safeway has weekend only deals – Edwards coffee for $7, raspberries for $2, fresh whole frying chicken for $9 etc.

Rest of the week they have their boxes of chicken for $26.36 for a 4k box. Lots of deals on baking supplies. Buy one get one free on a lot of cleaning supplies like pine sol, Clorox etc.


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2 Replies to “Grocery flyer deals – Including ones only for the new Sage Creek Sobeys

    • Awesome!! I didn’t get the actual flyer for that location, so glad to hear it! I think a lot of the stores are doing that lately. It’s going to be crazy busy in Sage Creek on Tuesday!

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