Grocery Flyer deals in #Winnipeg

19 Jun

Here are the deals that start tomorrow at our local stores:

Sobeys has some weekend only deals – cucumbers and compliments garden salad are 99 cents, sensations burgers for $7, and blocks of cheese for $5. Cheese freezes great too – might be a little crumbly after but you can cube it before, or if you use it in cooking it’s perfect.

Rest of the week they have Nestle ice cream treats for $4, cherries for $3 lb, lots of deals on summer type items.

There’s a deal, buy 3 packs of christie cookies and get $3 off compliments ice cream or frozen yogourt. Sidekicks are 97 cents too.

Safeway has a weeklong promo – spend $100 and get a $15 safeway cash card!

They have weekend deals too, organic raspberries for $2, packs of chicken breast for $12, signature cafe bbq chicken for $7.49, lucerne ice cream 2 for $5, refreshe water 24 packs are 2 for $5 and more.

Rest of the week they have Bull’s Eye bogof, watermelon for $6 each, lots of deals on picnic and Canada Day items.

Airmiles ice cream deal – buy 4 get 50 airmiles. All the ones listed are $5 each.

Target has select Christie crackers for $1.44! Lots of womens sandals are 50% off, lots of deals on summer items. They’ve had a lot of toys on half price clearance lately – not sure when that ends but some amazing deals! I find there’s usually great clearance at Target, just look for the super small black stickers – and make sure to price check if you’re not sure 🙂

Check back next week for more flyer deals on my Winnipeg Blog

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