Grocery flyer deals!!

10 Oct

Sobey’s has their 3 day sales – 5lbs of oranges for $3.77 and eggs are $2 a dozen – if you have those buy 2 dozen save $1 coupons it’s time to use them up, they expire on the 19th.

Rest of the week they have turkey for 99 cents a pound, stove top for 97 cents, lots of deals on baking supplies.

They have a meal deal again this week – $18 and you get a 1kg pack of compliments fresh tortellini, a pasta sauce, a alad kit and a garlic bread – saves you $7.

Safeway has 4 day deals, turkey for 99 cents a pound, fresh chicken breast for $12 a package, pineapple for $2.

There’s a lot of buy one get on free – kraft dinner, chicken legs, salad kits, bread – there’s tons and tons of deals like that – always good to look through your coupons and see if there’s any match ups.

London Drugs is having a crazy coupon event – pick up the book in stores. Lots of great deals in there!

Target has a magazine in the flyers – full of coupons!! Over 30 coupons for all kinds of food and beauty items.

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