Grocery Flyer deals

9 May

Safeway has their weekend only deals – Family size chicken breast package for $12, half rack ribs for $5, raspberries are 2 for $5, tresemme for $3…might be coupons out for that one still.

Rest of the week they have Pantene for buy one get one free, Canadian lobster tails for $7, bogof on canola oil, deals on mother’s day type of stuff too.

Kraft promotion is buy any 3 participating products and get free natural cheese slices…products include crackers 2 for $5, salad dressing 2 for $7 etc.

Sobey’s weekend deals are a 10″ outdoor deluxe hanging basket for $10! Great mother’s day gift! And dozen roses for $15.

Rest of the week they have bull’s eye bbq for $1.69, Olymel frozen foods are on sale for $9 and there are $2 coupons for those. Bonus ticket item of the week for the Tastes of the world is a 6 pack of coke for $3.59, buy 3 get 100 points too.  Eggo’s are $2.50, lots of coupons for that and buy 3 get 75 points. Maxwell House coffee is $7.

Nothing too amazing this week – but lots of sales on bbq stuff and outdoorsy type food so hope the weather cooperates 🙂

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