Grocery flyer deals

11 Apr

Sobey’s has a big deal of the week – purex toilet paper for $5 – limit of 3.

Grapes are $1.88lb, Breyers for $4, frozen chicken breast for $23 for a 3kg box, ketchup for $3 – and lots of deals on meat etc. to bbq.

The Bonus Ticket item of the week for the Tastes of the World Contest from the 12th to 18th is Cheerios – and it’s on sale for $4.

Safeway has spend $100 get 100 airmiles from the 12th to 15th. They have a bunch of weekend only deals, strawberries for $1.88, safeway apple juice is 12 for $6, wpg rye bread is 3 for $5.

Kellogg’s cereal are buy 2 get 2 free, Yoplait yogourt is bogof, lots of deals on breakfast items this week – sausages, frozen fruit, Eggo’s etc. Good time to stock up on quick breakfast stuff.

Campbell’s Airmiles event – buy 6 get 50 airmiles – including v8 and goldfish 2 for $6.

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