Grocery flyer deals

28 Feb

Tuesday will be 10% off day at Safeway and Sobey’s!

Safeway has some weekend only deals – 10kg sugar for $9, fresh chicken thighs $12 for a large pack, bogof on pizza crusts and softsoap body wah.

Rest of the week they have frozen chicken breasts for $26 a box grapes are 1.99 lb.  There are so many airmiles deals this week that it’s actually 2 full pages and a few other deals throughout the flyer. Worth a look through – great week to shop and fund a trip 🙂

Sobey’s also has weekend only deals – steak for $4 lb, bananas for 69 cents lb and either Kraft Cheese Whiz or Singles slices for $6.

Lots of bonus points deals this week too – including a good Kraft one. Good time to use up your full price coupon from the Kraft Samplicious box.

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