Grocery Flyer deals

31 Jan

Tuesday will be 10% off day at both Safeway and Sobey’s. Good time to take advantage of some of these deals ūüôā

Safeway has a bunch of weekend only deals Рsteak for $5 each, blueberries are $3, ice cream 2 for $5, wonder bread 2 for $4 (think there are coupons for this) , dips 2 for $5. Рalso chicken wing party packs are $11 each and buy 2 get 50 airmiles.

Rest of the week they have the box of chicken for $26, dr oetker pizzas are $4 each if you buy 3 or more  Рlots of coupons for those.

There’s a movie night airmiles¬†promo – buy¬†5 get 30 airmiles. Inlcudes popcorn 2 for $6, chocolate bars 2 for $4, pop at $2 each and lots of other snacks.

There’s also a frozen food event – buy 10 get 100 airmiles…pizza pops, frozen veggies, lean cuisine, frozen fruit etc.


Sobey’s¬†has Sunrype¬†1L apple juice for 95 cents. Lots of deals on fruit and veggies. Lots of deals on Superbowl snacks, nacho trays, wing packs, bread dip trays, all kind dips etc.

¬†Buy any 3 Kelllogg’s¬†cereals and get a free 4L jug of milk.

There’s also that pepsi/Tostitos promo again – spend $20 and get $20 in free product coupons. The application for it should be in store – and lots of those products are on sale with bonus points.

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