Grocery flyer deals

10 Jan

Safeway has spend $100 get 100 airmiles from jan 11th to 13th.

Weekend only deals – Nabob coffee in the bags are 2 for $7 – tons of coupons for these! grapes are 1.99 lb, rye bread 4 for $5, and windshield washer fluid is 4 for $6 for 3.78 litre – those will go fast in this weather!!!

Rest of the week they have Delissio pizzas 2 for $10 and if you buy 4 you get 50 airmiles. Source yogourt and certain kellogg’s cereals are buy one get one free. Kellogg’s airmiles event again – buy 5 get 50 airmiles….go to websaver, tons of coupons for these including some bogofs!!

Sobey’s is having buy one get one free event – parlour ice cream, all kinds of fruit and veg, all sorts of prepackaged foods too…always worth a peek through the flyer to see if you have any coupons for any of them, makes for some awesome deals!

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