Giveaway weekend in Winnipeg is coming up!

3 Sep

September 12th and 13th is the next giveaway weekend in Winnipeg. That means if you have any unwanted items you can put them at the curb, mark them as free and others can go around “shopping” from those items.

The city has rules about what you can and can’t give – mostly common sense. And of course to be careful of bedbugs. Anything you put out that doesn’t get taken has to be disposed of Sunday evening.

You can check the city site to double check the rules if you’re going to participate. – some areas seem to have a lot of people putting items out, others not so much. Can be great for certain things, we had put out a large plastic playstructure one year and it went fast! Great time to declutter, clean out the garage or basement and put out items that are still good, that you just don’t want or need anymore.

Do you plan on participating this year? Which areas have you found to be the best?

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