Get ready for SampleSource free samples!

10 Sep

Every year SampleSource gives out samples – once in March and once in September.

If you’ve never claimed yours, or it’s been a while – this is your reminder to make an account, or check your account to make sure it’s all good. Always good to log in to make sure you remember the password, your address is still correct etc.

It’s a free box of samples – all you have to do is claim them. But, they go super quickly, and the number of items you get goes down fast too. You get sample items to try, coupons and full price coupons too. Can be anything from cleaning products, food, pet or baby stuff and a lot of personal care items. They make great donations too! If you’re part of a group or organization that collects these types of items, it’s a great time to get members to register for this too.

All you have to do is make an account and when they go live, quickly claim yours. I’ll post up when they go live – usually they’re sold out completely within a few hours.

Make sure to also follow me on facebook so you get notified right away. Historically it’s toward the end of the month – so stay tuned for that!

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