Get ready for Samplesource free samples

10 Mar

Twice a year Sample Source offers free samples online. It’s free to get, they mail them out to you and it’s box full of samples and sometimes coupons for free items.

It always goes live on Tuesdays – usually mid to end of the month in March and September.

This month it should either be on the 16th or the 23rd. I always post it up when it goes live, and it usually runs out within just a few hours.

It’s a good idea to get ready before, if you don’t have an account , go to their website today and make one so you’re ready. If you do have an account make sure the address is correct and you remember the login info etc.

When it goes live it will ask you a series of questions and how you answer affects how many samples you will get. There’s often samples for baby items and pet items, so if you don’t have those you could always donate them too.

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