Fun winter activities for the whole family

27 Oct

If you’re starting to plan out your winter, and are looking for ideas for things to do as a family – there are so many great ones!

With travel being unlikely, and needing to social distance etc, we are lucky to have so many great outdoor spots.

I hear that sports equipment for winter is selling out very quickly, so it’s a great time to think about it right now.

Skating is always a good one as a family, and there are a lot of options for indoor and outdoor. You can always buy used skates or just rent them also. I’m sure a lot more people will be doing home rinks too – time to start planning those out if so.

Tobogganing can be a lot of fun for the whole family, and there are great spots all over the city and beyond. Nice free outing too.

Snowshoeing can be a lot of fun if you have spots to go.

Skiing is another great choice, there are a few downhill options in Manitoba. And countless cross-country options. Ski rentals are available for both also.

if you’re planning on staying closer to home, or you’re starting to plan for more indoor activities as a family, now’s the time to start picking up stuff if you see it on sale. Start putting things away like puzzles, board games, crafts etc for cold days, or cabin fever.

Family movie nights, board game nights, paint nights and baking projects are a great idea too.

Always fun to pick out a recipe you might not have attempted before, like making elaborate gingerbread houses, fancier holiday baking etc.

What are your favorite winter activities, and are you planning for them now?

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