Fun Valentine’s Day ideas for kids!

6 Feb

valentine one  If you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day and want to keep the kids busy – why not put together some fun stuff for them to hand out?

My daughter wanted to do something extra special this year so we came up with a fun idea, simple and can be customized for any kid.

I picked up supplies at Dollarama, Target and Micheals – but you could easily get it all at one place.

We got plastic cups to put the treats in, since the pencils were too tall for the bags I saw, but that’s another easier option – they sell cute little decorated bags too. I got ribbon and a see through material.

My daughter wanted to add her crafty touch to it, so she’s Rainbow Looming charms for all the kids – picked up the lanyard hooks at Micheals and now they can wear them on the zipper of their coat, backpack etc.  After a coupon, you get 48 hooks for just $3 – lots of extras!

valentine two  We went candy free for the treats – cute pencils and bubbles from Target, the box of stickers and erasers are from Dollarama. It’s pretty cheap to put together too – you get 36 erasers for $3 at Dollarama, 24 pencils were $3 also. All depends on your class size too.

If your kids like to draw or paint, you could get them to decorate the clear cups instead of putting cellophane or material. For younger kids they could paint right on the cups, even use that as the Valentine and sign their name.

One great thing to do also would be to get them to paint a picture for each kid – something really personalized.

The cups are really easy to put together, build an assembly line and get going 🙂  We precut all the material and the ribbons ahead of time, and I put the charms on another rainbow loom elastic to hold it together at the bottom.

And a Valentine for the tag of course! This can be personalized in so many ways – and used for any holiday or loot bag. Everything is held together nicely, easy to bring home and it’s always exciting on Valentine’s Day to get personalized items, whether it be a card or a treat.

If your kids Rainbow Loom has been collecting dust it’s a great time to take it out – or any other sort of crafting they like. Kids can make friendship bracelets, bottle cap charms – whatever they think their friends would like based on age group. You could even just print out tags if you’re handing out bubbles – use return address label stickers you can buy at any dollar store and the kids can get creative on the computer. They can theme it to anything they want – just add a favourite picture and their name.

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Any fun craft ideas you’re planning on doing with your kids to hand out?

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