Fun, Easy, Affordable and Local Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day!

1 May

mothers day  What do you have planned for Mother’s Day? In case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is on the 10th this year! 🙂

Whether you’re celebrating your mom, your wife, grandma, partner, special aunt, planning something for the kid’s to do – it’s just a fun day to get together and show someone you appreciate them.

There are so many great possibilities for things to do that are free or inexpensive, and a lot of local things to do. Here are some of my favourites.

– Suprise Mom with some of her favourite treats – some beautiful chocolates from Popp Chocolates, a nice dessert from Baked Expectations or even make her some homemade donuts! Everyone loves a special treat just for them!

– Does mom need some time away? A certificate to Thermea, her favourite salon, a play or concert or even a night away at a hotel can be the perfect getaway! You can even plan a girl’s night out with several friends.

– How about for the mom who just needs a little bit of quiet? Send the kids to the cheap movies Saturday morning, take them bowling – mom can read, take a bubble bath – whatever she wants. Any movie cliche of a mom home alone is good! Peace and quiet in the house is always a nice treat.

– If you don’t want to go out to a restaurant to eat, why not plan an extra special BBQ? Or take the whole family and check out the food trucks on Broadway or at The Forks – everyone can decide what they want, no dishes to do and you can have a picnic and some fun family time.

– Make Mom a coupon book – the kids can make some cute ones for mom, and include some for fun activities going on around the city all summer long! Coupons like half an hour of peace and quiet or instant stop fighting are always a treat to cash in!

– Plan a family photoshoot – you can either hire someone, set up a tripod or invite a friend along to take the pictures. Pick a spot Mom would love – favourite park, backyard – get them printed and framed after.

– Surprise Mom with a fun little daytrip – head to Gimli for coffee and walk along the beach, check out a small town event she’d enjoy. Pack a picnic or check online for somewhere fun to eat locally.

– Get the whole family to pitch in and get the backyard summer ready. If Mom enjoys gardening send her to her favourite garden spot while the family sets everything up. Turn the backyard into an oasis that Mom, and everyone else can enjoy all summer long.

– Get creative with the kids – make Mom some nice cards, stepping stones for the garden – head to Michael’s or Dollarama and let the kids pick out some projects.

– Since this is Winnipeg, a big favourite around the city is Mother’s Day garage sales on the Saturday. Pack up as a family or send Mom out on her own if she prefers for some fun garage sale-ing around the city.

And remember to call or send a card if Mom is far away – a handwritten card really goes a long way! Hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day!

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