Free Services offered at Winnipeg Shopping Centres you might not know about!

1 Dec

There are so many great services offered free at local malls – I was pretty surprised to find most of these when I was looking for something totally different. These are great to know for security, comfort etc – great to let your kids know, friends, family too. Just in case. Might as well use these since they are available.

  • St. Vital Centre has a free coin counter that turns into mall gift cards – we have used this often. If your car won’t start or you can’t find it, they can help with that. They have bus schedules, you can pay to fax things and much more. You can get a security escort to your vehicle too.
  • Polo Park has coat or new purchase check for just $1 an item. Can’t be for luggage or backpacks etc – but great if you have bought something super heavy early in shopping trip! I recently did that and by the end with my winter coat on I was sweating! I would have checked both if I knew that.  Lots of other services too.
  • Grant Park has a bunch of services also.
  • Kildonan Place has a few too. Mall walking, family lounge etc.
  • Outlet Collection offers complimentary baby bottle warming and emergency diaper kits, 24 hour security and more.
  • Portage Place has Lost and Found and also info for the Downtown Community Safety Partnership for Safewalks to your car or the bus stop.

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