Free samples,coupons and freebies for pregnancy and babies in Canada

by Nadine on September 20, 2017

There are so many great free samples and coupons available during pregnancy or with a new baby – great time to sit down and order yourself a bunch. Saves you quite a bit of money down the road, and also helps with making decisions on what your baby will want or need.

Keep an eye out locally too for mommy groups and so on – often a lot of resources there too. Ask friends and family to help out too! And if you find you’re using the same brands a lot for baby, there’s no harm in checking their website or emailing them to ask for coupons, samples etc.   Most companies will send something out.

Here are some great Canadian ways to save money for pregnancy or a baby:

  • Sobey’s has their Baby Be Healthy program. You can get prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy, all kinds of tips and advice and savings on baby items. Sign up online.
  • Check out Huggies and Pampers (or any other diaper brand) for coupons and often free samples too. Join their rewards programs and earn back some products too.
  • If you plan on formula feeding, there are a ton of free samples available for those. Enfamil has up to $160 in coupons and free samples available, so does Similac. Nestle has a similar program too. These will be more than just formula too, can be all kinds of things you’ll need with a baby.
  • London Drugs has a Baby Welcome Package – you can sign up for it online.
  • Baby Box has some freebies – you have to register for an account.

Remember too that most companies will send you something out, if you like their product let them know on social media. Follow companies and stores that you like to be in the loop for new freebies, samples or sales. Take advantage of every rewards program you can find – and if you’re buying things for baby remember to use the Flipp App or something similar to find the best deals!

It’s a time where you’ll be repeatedly buying same items over and over again – diapers, formula, baby food etc. so if you can find a good sale, stock up. And the more coupons you can get, the better! 🙂


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Aimee September 20, 2017 at 6:07 PM

Having a girl in December!


Laura June 1, 2018 at 8:19 PM

Hi i just found out im 5 weeks pregnant 🙂 dont know what im having thought. I was seeing if u can help me in anyway


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