Free Demos and Workshops at St. Norbert Farmers Market for Home Skills

1 Aug

If you ever wanted to learn some new skills – like how to make kimchi, yogourt, sourdough, how to sew or wood carve etc- this is the day for you!

On Wednesday August 8th at the St. Norbert Market, they are having tons of free classes and demos for all kinds of skills like that! It’s from 11am to 4pm and it’s all free.

There are 9 stations for skills and demos – you can plan your day out here – lots of fun options.

It’s such a great idea – things like learning how to properly sew a button, how to break down a chicken or how to can foods can be skills you’ll use the rest of your life. And not everyone has someone to teach them these things – it’s a really neat idea to group it all together like this.

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