Food Delivery Choices in Winnipeg

22 May

If you’re at home or work and want your favourite food, there are a lot of ways to get it now without leaving the house! You can order almost anything from the comfort of your pj’s – from breakfast, to sushi, to ice cream and everything in between.

It can be good on a lazy night, or a date night at home after the kids have gone to bed. Also a great idea to send to someone who might be sick, just had a baby etc as you prepay and they can just answer and get their delivery. Great idea for birthdays and special occasions too as you can order all kinds of baked goods and treats.

Some restaurants still deliver on their own – but most are using delivery services now. Your choices for restaurants will depend on your area – so if you’re using it at work and home there won’t always be the same places. Same with time of day.

There’s Skip The Dishes, which has been in Winnipeg for several years now. This one we have used a lot over the years and it’s mostly always been good service. Pretty fast delivery, you can track your order online and see exactly where the little delivery car is heading to you. They often have promo codes so I really suggest following them on social media and checking before you order. The selection in our area is pretty good too.

UberEats is new to Winnipeg – and we haven’t used it yet. When I first signed up, the choices for St. Boniface were pretty slim. Now I see it’s a pretty wide variety so I’ll be checking it out more for sure. Use the code eats-nadinec3201ui when you order for the first time for $5 off! I really thought when they brought this to Winnipeg, that Uber Rides wouldn’t be too far behind.

DoorDash is pretty new to Winnipeg also – but their restaurant selection in our area is pretty neat so we have tried it out a few times. We ordered cake and fancy coffees for Mother’s Day instead of trying to brave a busy restaurant and it was a lot of fun! I have found that some menus are super limited – like restaurants only have a small menu to choose from and don’t have our favourites. So, that’s something to keep in mind. So far their delivery has been unbelievably fast which is great. One thing I like too is that they text you when the order is ready and picked up and that the driver is almost at your house. It’s been really accurate so far and not something you have to keep an eye on.

So, whether you are new to them or a fan of one or many – let me know which one you prefer – Skip The Dishes, UberEats or DoorDash.

I included my referral links so if you don’t have an account yet, sign up using that one and you’ll be rewarded on each one after a 1st order and a treat for me too! Pretty great deal! 🙂

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