Folklorama – visit the world in Winnipeg!

1 Aug

Folklorama is back, starting August 4th until the 17th. Such a fun time in Winnipeg, get to experience so many new things, or for a lot of people be reminded of home, or maybe somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? 🙂

Here are a few ways to save $$ on tickets – regular admission is $6 per pavilion, but kids under 12 are free so take that into your calculations for sure.

You can buy a Vickar Automotive Group Fun pack for $54 which gives you 12 tickets, which can be shared so a great deal there too. These have to be bought in advance though, so check the site for locations. Good idea to share with a friend or family member.

If you want to plan a fun night out check out the VIP World Tour for $70, lots of extra with that and you get driven around too which is nice.

There are so many pavilions, split into 2 weeks so make sure to plan it out in advance.

Which pavilions are you planning to visit? And if you go, post up what you ate and saw 🙂



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