Flyer deals – wow!

24 Nov

Everyone’s pulling out the big guns this week! 🙂

Best Buy has the Xbox and Kinect bundle for 199$! Big Wii bundle for 149$. Tons of other sales too.

Old Navy is having their ShoppaPalooza – 3 days of deals. There’s a coupon for saturday morning – if you are at the front of the line you can get a wristband to get a free kodak camera bundle (with a 40$ purchase) – the bundle is worth over 100$.

Superstore has their no tax event on Friday from open to close. They have the xbox for 230$, Wii bundle for 150$. No tax makes a big difference at those price points too.

Safeway has lots of stuff bogof – peanut butter (good idea to stock up a bit in case prices skyrocket, if you go through a lot), hungryman dinners (and buy 10 get 100 airmiles) and they’re bogof! Purex laundry soap is bogof too if anyone still has coupons. The frozen food event is the buy 10 get 100 airmiles, includes the hungrymans, mccain fries, lasagna, green giant veggies (awesome if you have the hamburger helper coupons for it) etc.

Sobey’s has toonie time – lots of staples for 2$.

9 Replies to “Flyer deals – wow!

  1. Not sure where to post this but Robeez has an online sale of 30% off (free shipping on 2 pairs) Use promo code HOLIDAY30, this is on 5 days Nov 24th to 28th.

    Any other online deals for the weekend? (and Cyber Monday)

  2. My fliers were never delivered as of yet (7:30 AM Friday). :o/ They used to come on Wednesdays but then it was Thursday and now the last couple weeks it seems to be Fridays – and I usually go for groceries after work on Friday. So much for planning.

  3. Great deals at Gymboree, entire store is at 30% off, with some BOGO deals and if you have a coupons you can stack!.

    Apple store is having a sale as well some awesome prices on their ipads

  4. Wow was Superstore a crazy place to be today! Was a very interesting place to be with all the people so good deals in electronics better then

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