Flyer Deals for #Winnipeg!

24 Jul

Here are the deals starting tomorrow:

Safeway has some great coupons for the whole week – spend $75 and get a free $10 Safeway Card, or spend $75 and get 75 bonus airmiles.

They have some weekend only deals, large pack of raspberries for $3.88, McCain rising crust pizzas for $3.87, Black Diamond 500g cheese for $4.87, Signature 1/2 bbq chicken for $5.

Rest of the week they have some buy one get one free deals ! Bulls eye BBQ sauce, ice cream sandwiches, salad dressing etc.

There’s a Lucerne airmiles deal – buy 6 get 50 airmiles. Includes coffee cream 2 for $6, the big 4L’s of ice cream for $4, cheese strings 2 for $8 etc.

Sobeys has weekend only deals also – corn 4 for $1.96, pork side ribs $2.88 per lb and cheese whiz and kraft singles for $6.

Rest of the week they have the 2lb containers of strawberries and blueberries for $4.

A few neat deals this week –  buy 2 Olymel bacon for $5 each and get a free large dozen eggs. Another one is buy a box of Village Bay Oysters for $13 and get a free bottle of Franks red hot sauce. Or buy a pack of compliments balance wild pacific salmon for $8 and get free buns. For those with kids in diapers, buy a big pack of huggies diapers for $20 and get a free box of wipes.

Target has all their school supplies on sale – lots of fun looking ones too! Lots of backpacks for $10, pages of basic buys for $1, $2 and $3. Always nice to be able to go do it all at one store – and find stuff the kids actually want too!

Check back next week for the best picks from our local flyers on my Winnipeg Blog!

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