Flyer deals in #Winnipeg

28 Aug

Tuesday is 10% off day at Safeway and Sobeys.

Here are the deals that will start tomorrow in Winnipeg:

Sobeys has weekend only deals – tomatoes and celery are 99 cents lb, cracker barrel cheese is $2.99 for the little lunch snacks and 300 g blocks. Rest of the week they have a lot of back to school deals – all the typical lunch box stuff is on sale, nothing too amazing.

Safeway has their 3 day sales, spend $75 and get 75 airmiles, blackberries are 2 for $5, jumbo packs of all kinds of cereal bars are $5.

Rest of the week there’s tons of back to school deals also.

Airmiles Coca-Cola event, buy 6 get 60 airmiles – includes pop, juice boxes etc.   Also a P&G airmiles event, buy 4 get 50 airmiles, includes laundry soap, paper towels, etc.   Lots of bonus airmiles across the store this week.

Superstore has spend $250 get 25,000 Pc Plus points. They have Christie crackers for $1.44. 2lb containers of grapes are $2.68, Oasis juice boxes are $1.25, Quakers oatmeals are $2, Quaker Dipps are $1.67. And of course tons of other back to school stuff.

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