Flyer Deals this week!

9 Apr

If you’re an airmiles collector, Rexall has a great deal from Friday to Sunday. Spend $50 or more and get 110 bonus airmiles! They have pretty good sales and clearance – easy way to collect some airmiles quickly too.

Sobeys has their buy one get one free event. They also have spend $75 or more and get 10x the base airmiles. For the bogof deals, if you know your prices or have coupons to combine with it there can be some really good deals. Worth doing a walkthrough and seeing what your family needs and if the bogof makes it worth it – usually there’s good meat deals that you can even team up with someone on and split if you don’t have enough freezer space.

Safeway has the same spend $75 get 10x airmiles too. Their weekend only deals include 2L pops for $1. Rest of the week they have their boxed chicken on for $26.36 – that’s a 4kg box so it’s a great deal! Amazing how long they’ve had that sale price for it!

It’s a slower week at the grocery store for great deals in the flyer – but with the holidays last week there’s still a lot of clearance and things they’re trying to move quickly so really keep an eye out. My store on Tuesday was clearing out Johnsonville sausages for $3 – they were good for a while still, think just moving them to make room for new stock or something. Always a good time to fill the freezer 🙂

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