Flyer deals for the week

16 May

Safeway has spend $100 get 100 airmiles from the 17th to 19th. They have some long weekend deals good from Friday to Monday – 20% off Lucerne frozen novelties, hamburgers for $27 for 4.54kg.

They also have the 3 day sale stuff from Friday to sunday – watermelon for 39 cents lb, Edwards coffee for $7, head and shoulder and herbal essences are bogof – lots of coupons for those.

Rest of the week they have ultimate airmiles event, good week to rack them up. Also there’s a coupon on back of flyer, buy 4 Breton popped (looks like chip crackers) for $10 and get a free 4 litre jug of milk! awesome deal!

Sobeys has some weekend only deals too – purex and spongetowel for $5, prime rib grilling steak for $6 per lb.

Rest of the week they have pepsi 1L 2 for $1 – limit of 15. Also a lot of bogof deals – pork chops, waffles and syrup, bottled water, lots of fruit and veg, backed goods, lots of deli stuff too. Sweet Baby Ray’s is bogof – I hear there’s a coupon coming out for that one. The Compliments brand of diapers is bogof too – reg. $14 so a really good deal – limit of 2 for free.  A good week to shop with a friend and split some bogofs for a better deal 🙂

Canadian Tire has some good sales this weekend too – huge flyer! Old Dutch laundry soap is half price, $2 a bottle – we’ve used it before and it’s pretty good, it’s a 50 load bottle. Coke 2 litres are 98 cents, Royale toilet paper is $5 and lots of coupons for that.

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