Flyer deals

26 Aug

Shoppers Drugmart has a promotion saturday and sunday – get a surprise gift card with your purchase, 10, 15, 25 or 50$ off your next purchase of 60$ or more.

They have sunday monday deals again – water is 1.99 for a 24 pack. Purex is 3.99 – great deal if you have any3$ off coupons left.

Walmart has Nestle drumstick and ice cream sandwich promo packs for 5$ – great if you have those 5$ off ice cream coupons! Boys and girls denim is 8$ a pair.

2 Replies to “Flyer deals

  1. I just got my Purex this week!!!! SO excited for almost free laundry soap!!! 😀 😀

    On another note, I think I need to get out more if I’m THIS excited about laundry soap :S

    • I was just at Walmart with my cousin. She was going to buy Tide for 11$ – found the 64 load bottles of Purex were only 5$!! Which is only 2$ after the coupon – great quick deal. They also had some good sales on freezer,snack and sandwich bags. I get pretty excited about that too Carolyn! 🙂

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