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27 Oct

Safeway and Sobey’s are having 10% off on tuesday!

Safeway has their frozen chicken on sale this week 26$ for a box. They are having a big 5$ event – always a good idea to check to see if there’s anything you have coupons for.

Sobey’s is having bonus points event. It’s awesome to combine coupons, 10% off, sales and bonus points! 🙂

Superstore has spend 250$ get a 25$ gift card.

Canadian Tire has door crasher of a 90 pack of halloween candy for 7.99$ or nhl collectibles and jenga extreme for 10$ – saturday and sunday only.

Nothing too amazing so far in the flyers…often like that on 10% off weeks. Good time to stock up on staples.

4 Replies to “Flyer deals

  1. I usually go to Sobey’s on the 10% off day to buy meats (mostly chicken) because I like their meats better than Superstore. I don’t shop at Safeway because it’s too expensive. Anyway, I’ve never been able to figure out if I’m really saving much by buying meat on the 10% day or if it’s cheaper at other times of the month. what’s your take on that?

  2. I’ve always wondered if the other Sobey’s locations in Winnipeg ever sell reduced meats? (I shop at the Kenaston store) I’ve never seen any. I used to buy reduced meats in ON and NS, am I missing out?

      • I spoke to the staff at Sobey’s about clearance items and they told me that they did not have any – all their soon-to-be expired stuff goes to Winnipeg Harvest.

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