Fly in Style and Save Big Money with These Tips

27 Sep

The ease and relative affordability of international travel are some of the marvels of modern life. Trips that used to take weeks by sea voyage can be completed in hours, and you don’t need to be an aristocrat to afford it.

Still, it helps to have some insider tips on how to save money and make your flight more relaxed. Read on for some great advice to make your next trip less expensive.

Drive Yourself to the Airport

Airports charge notoriously high parking fees, so, for years, people have looked for alternative ways to get to their terminals. A new model has changed the game.

Now, you can take your own car to the airport and park at a neighbouring lot for a fraction of the price, usually at an adjacent hotel. Simply book your reservation online and show the confirmation to the parking attendant. You don’t need to stay overnight at the hotel to book the parking space.

Next, board the free shuttle to your terminal. You can enjoy the familiarity of being in your own car without checking your phone for a little dot to arrive at your location, and it costs much less than an Uber would on a roundtrip.

This model can be found at over 75 North American locations, so if you’re wondering about the Calgary Airport parking rates or prices at Toronto’s Pearson International, read up before your trip.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Sometimes clothes that make sense to wear in one region don’t make sense in a different one, especially if there’s a radically different climate. Note the weather in both locations and ensure you’ll be comfortable getting on and off the plane.

Plus, many clothing lines make clothes perfect for travelling because they resist wrinkling and are comfortable and nice enough to wear to a good restaurant. You can pack them in your luggage, and they’ll still look fresh.

Pack Appropriately

Take care to bring everything you need for your flight and pack it carefully, from onboard entertainment to what you’ll require upon landing. Bringing your own snacks or meals means you get more, better food for less than airports charge. Control portion size, nutrition levels and flavours in what you eat!

Make sure you don’t accidentally bring a prohibited item like a Swiss Army Knife in your carry-on luggage instead of checking it in. Otherwise, the authorities may confiscate it.

Airports sell diversions like magazines and books, but they’re usually overpriced and unlikely to have exactly the ones you want. Bring anything you want to read from home, so you don’t need to depend on stores that usually only stock the latest best-sellers.

While flying is a modern miracle, the costs are beginning to rise because of increased demand and fuel prices. Who doesn’t want to go somewhere exotic and new after months of staying mainly at home? Keep the above tips in mind to ensure your next trip is smooth and more affordable.

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