Flippin’ Fantastic – perfect pancakes….or mess maker?

23 Jul

I love trying out new products, and there are so many fun ones at Dollarama to try.

I’ve been picking them up for a while and I’ll be posting up all our tests – if you see anything you want me to try out, let me know

So, the Flippin’ Fantastic promises perfect pancakes in just three steps. It also claims to be able to cook eggs, hash browns and more.

We started out by reading the instructions – which there really aren’t much of. You have to let the silicone cure in the frying pan for 1 minute on each side, every time you will use it. Did that and tried out some basic pancake s….

It didn’t take long for the batter to ooze out of the side a bit. Wasn’t horrible, but kind of defeats the purpose. When I went to flip it, half the pancakes stayed behind in the pan in a mushy mess….. I considered it a total fail, as I normally don’t have a very hard time with pancakes. I use a ton of butter when I cook – so wasn’t an issue of sticking either.

Figured I would try out some eggs, just in case I had done something wrong with the pancake part. Nope. Pretty much the same thing happened again. Easier to just cook them the regular way – plus less dishes.

I thought this could be kind of fun to have uniform pancakes or eggs – but was mostly just a pain. Flippin’ something…..but not fantastic.

There’s a lot of little grooves so it’s not easy to wash.

There really was no upside to this – to get uniform eggs or pancakes if that’s really important, you could just use a circular mould. That way it would lay flat. You could even get some fun shapes.

No redeeming qualities for this one, and no alternate uses that I can think of….so I say give this one a hard pass.

Have you tried this one? What was your experience?

And what should I try next?

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