Feels like spring!

17 Mar

The weather has been so amazing lately in Manitoba – what has everyone been doing around the yard so far? We’ve tidied it up, somehow there always seems to be garbage accumulated in the bushes and the fence, a great job for a kid with gloves. And I helped too – which made me remember how much I love my dig it gloves!

Next step is deciding what I want to plant – anyone have any good suggestions? I ordered a bunch of seeds from Heritage Harvest Seeds – something I’ve always wanted to do but never seem to remember in time. Will be a fun project to start them indoors with my soon to be 6 year old. Do you guys start in the house, plant outside from seeds, or buy plants already grown? It was fun to read through their selection and really pick stuff that fits our garden and our style – I seem to always go crazy on tomatoes…yet no one in my family really likes them. I’m attempting some weird ones this year, romanesco brocoli, miniature white cucumbers…should be fun! I planned it out so I still have room to add a few more, last year I looked all over for yellow zucchini but couldn’t find the plants anywhere – any suggestions?

Next out will be our patio furniture, fire pit and my beloved hammock! Is anyone else scared like me to take all that stuff out, I feel like I will be jinxing this warm weather – and please don’t blame me if it does snow again! 😉

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  1. You’re putting me to shame Nadine! I still have a yard full of leaves to rake. But I’ve noticed that my irises and a few other things are sprouting greens. I even have some parsley that survived the winter and tastes great! I’m always overdo it on planting tomatoes, basil and carrots but I always find grateful people at work to help me out 🙂 Good luck with the garden Nadine!

    • Barb, we haven’t raked yet either! 🙂 We had made a huge pile of snow in the middle of the yard, about 8 feet high at least for the kids to sled down! It still hasn’t completely melted so waiting on that. That is awesome with the parsley – I’m going to be planting a lot of zucchini to give away for sure, it really did well in our soil and it’s so versatile. I can’t wait to plant, but guess it’s still quite a ways away.

  2. We just cleaned our yard yesterday and in a few days the plan is to prepare tomato seeds. I wish I had more space for a garden but what can I do. Does anybody have some rhubarb to share with me? Herbs are nice to have but probably just in pots.

  3. I don’t rake anymore. My next-door neighbor is kind enough to share his pressure washer with us. Blasts everything off the yard, fluffs up the grass, waters it. Sweep it all up off the street and done.
    My next-door neighbor is awesome.

  4. No raking but picked up garbage, tidied up the flower beds….swept the deck…..ready for summer! I don’t have a green thumb so I shouldn’t offer any advice re planting and gardening. I like perenials. We shall soon see if they survived their first winter!

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