Favourite Times of the year to shop!

20 Aug

When you need something specific, do you get it right away or do you wait for a certain time of the year.

For some items you just can’t wait – but a lot you can plan for and get a better deal.

I find that during back to school time I buy office type supplies for the house – great time to stock up on all those big doorcrasher deals – often things like 10 cents or 20 cents for items that would usually be 10 or 20 times that. I buy notebooks, pens, paper etc that we will be needing during the year. With kids I find those go pretty quickly and always fun to get them to journal, draw or just anything creative – especially in winter. You can find amazing deals at that time of the year on headphones, laptops, mini fridges – all kinds of things that retailers think mean back to school 🙂

One way to save if you need quite a bit of stuff – whether it’s small appliances, xmas gifts etc – is to wait and do it all on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. It works whether you prefer to shop in person on online – and in the last few years I’ve found more and more local stores are participating so that can be a lot of fun too. We’ve gotten deals on all our guinea pig necessities the last few years – amazing deals on Black Friday and I stock up for half the year that way. Just be mindful of expiration dates if you’re buying perishables.

Boxing Day can be another good one – especially if you’ve received a lot of gift cards! It can be the last big shopping deals day for quite a while too. Always good deals on electronics.

I love posting up all of the big deals – so make sure to follow along and like me on facebook to get all of the best Black Friday Canada or Black Friday Winnipeg deals of the year, every year! I think I’m at 10 years strong on that!


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