Farm and Food Discovery Centre

6 Aug

Have you taken the kids to check out the Farm and Food Discovery Centre? My 6 year old went with Grandma, and they both really enjoyed it – an educational day! 🙂 Came home with a lot of facts, and all kinds of information. Lots to see and do, and a great lesson for meat eating, milk drinking city kids! 😉 Find out where your food comes from, what happens with the animals – there’s even a real working pig farm in there.

It’s a little bit outside the city, just past St. Adolphe on Hwy 75.   They’re open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 4pm. Admission is free for kids 5 and under, for adults it’s $5, and $3.50 for kids and seniors. There’s a survey at the end – I highly recommend taking it! 🙂

My daughter loves her outings with grandma, and when they check out somewhere that impresses both of them she insists I post them up so more kids know about it – this one was a big winner! They spent a few hours there, and had a great afternoon. Check out their website for a map and all their info.

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