Family Fun with the Ford Flex! (and a recipe for maple taffy!)

18 Feb


If you have a large family or like to bring friends and family along, the Ford Flex is a great choice! It seats 7, and it’s really comfy and roomy.

The last row goes down with a button and you have this giant storage area, or pop it back up and you’ve got tons of extra seating.

We decided to pack along friends and family last weekend and hit up a lot of fun family activities.

man showWe checked out the Man Show at the Red River Ex grounds. There were a lot of neat things to check out – things for every type of sport and outdoor activity. Lots of neat new cars and gear.


20160214_131332We also check out the Festival Du Voyageur. It was pretty snowy and windy that day, but still a lot of fun! There’s sleigh rides and lots of demonstrations to check out – and of course a lot of really great Voyageur style food – maple or sugar pie, tourtiere, pea soupĀ and much more. They even have hot dogs with tourtiere meat on top which is pretty cool!

One thing we always look forward to at the Festival is La Tire – which is maple taffy.

IMG_20160214_130549This is a fun one to try, but if you can’t make it to the Festival, bring the Festival to your home! All you need is some fresh snow, popsicle sticks and some maple syrup.

Bring your maple syrup to a boil, pour it in strips on the snow and plop your stick into one end. Push the stick down and wait a minute or two – once it cools off a bit you can start rolling the maple syrup onto your stick. Makes a sort of maple syrup popsicle or lollipop. Super delicious and pretty exciting for kids – and big kids too! Make sure to wait to roll it up, otherwise it gets pretty messy!

There’s a lot to see and do at the festival – it’s the perfect place to spend an entire day, and it’s great for all ages.


20160214_142623When you live somewhere that is cold about half the year, you really just have to dress warm and get out there and enjoy it!

We’re pretty lucky to have such a cool festival in Winnipeg – there are people coming in from all over for it. It’s a pretty unique event.

And who doesn’t want to get to dress and act like a Voyageur for a while?


IMG_20160210_151252Another feature we all loved on the Flex was the new Sync 3.

It is so much faster than the other touchscreens and much more interactive. The map section is pretty amazing, makes it even easier to look around and figure out where you’re going. It’s also compatible with your phone in more ways now which is great.

The main menu is a lot easier now, the main categories are right at the bottom now and you can just scroll quickly through them. I’m not the most techy person, but my husband couldn’t stop raving about all the new features.

Another thing he really liked was the all wheel drive, you’re just always in control, don’t have to think about anything extra. It was pretty snowy and messy this weekend, got really icy and this held up great.

20160215_121417One thing I’m a huge fan of is space – and this one has lots and lots of space!

I feel like if you put the back row down you could just camp out in there! I love the option of having 7 people in it, or if you don’t you can just go nuts at Costco or the hardware or furniture store and have tons of room to carry pretty much anything. It’s easy to load people in and out of – we had my mom along for some of the weekend and she had no issues getting in and out which is always good! Nice comfy seats for everyone too.

We had a lot of fun with friends and family in the Ford Flex and had a great time checking out all kinds of local places and seeing how this one holds up to a lot of kids. This one is definitely the right choice for larger families for sure. The look of it is pretty different and boxy which is actually kind of cool because it makes it easy to find in parking lots and you see exactly how much room you have in there.

Have to say one of the things I always look forward to is Sirius satellite – what are everyone’s favourite channels on there? My #1 pick is Lithium for myself – can’t resist it! Any other good suggestions or ones that get you through the commute or long trips?



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