Fall Supper with the Ford Edge

2 Oct

IMG_20150927_154110  I love this time of year! Not that I’m looking forward to winter, but love the leaves changing, the crisp air – something about Fall just makes you want to get out an enjoy our province, before winter comes!

And there’s nothing more Fall than a Fall Supper! If you haven’t been to one before (like my husband and daughter) it’s a dinner in a small town or community, hosted at a hall or community centre or church – whatever space that town might have. Sit with some strangers and enjoy a great meal. If you’re from the town, then you can sit with your neighbours, relatives etc.  This was a weird concept for my family to understand but we decided while we had the Ford Edge to review (review to come soon!) we would check one out since this is the perfect highway car. As you probably know for other posts, my daughter gets carsick really easily and also hates to be in the car. No complaints at all in the Edge, which is great for mom and dad!

There are fall suppers all over the province, this is a great site to find a fall supper. Pick it by date or area and go check out a new place.

We decided to go to Starbuck, a town I have driven past hundreds if not thousands of times in my life but don’t think I ever actually got off the highway to drive in to.

IMG_20150927_162841  It’s a great idea for a big dinner out too – tickets there were $15 for adults and $6 for kids – they’re different in every town so check the site. For that price you get a ton of homemade food – we got amazing moist turkey. I am the worst with turkey, I always overcook it so this was a great treat and my family sure let me know that 😉 Mashed potatoes, gravy, a super yummy salad, really good homemade stuffing – and on and on and on.

There’s something really neat about sitting at a table with strangers for a meal. You get to see the sense of community, how much people there know and trust each other. One of my favourite things is seeing that everyone just leaves their bags and purses as they line up for food. Not so common in the city anymore, and something I have a hard time dealing with. Trust is a beautiful thing!

With your dinner you get coffee, tea, drinks etc.

And pie!!! Lots and lots of pie! I’m not embarassed to say I had two delicious pieces of pie! All of them were homemade, you could tell they were all made by different people too – just in the pumpkin pie section the colouring and crusts were all different. I chose a super dark one and it had all kinds of amazing spices in it. And yup, also had a piece of chocolate pudding pie – something I hadn’t had since I was a kid I think!

IMG_20150927_164525 And really, when you go to a Fall Supper you have no idea who you will be sitting next to!

I ended up next to this nice lady – she showed up a little late, put her purse down and went to get her food. Ends up she’s local MP Candice Bergen. She represents the Portage-Lisgar area, and since we aren’t from around there she was very gracious that we had zero clue who she was. A great idea for local reps to check out fall suppers – everyone in the area in one place and out for a good meal! She was there to answer questions and visit with constituents which is pretty cool.

We had a lot of fun at our dinner, met some nice people, got to show my daughter a little slice of small town life and the pie – the pie!!

We had a lot of fun in the Ford Edge in our week with it, you’ll see all the fun stuff we did in another post, but here’s a little video we made of one of the features we love, Park Assist! For people like me this is great – makes me a parallel parking champion!!


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