Enter to win a $25 Amazon Canada Gift Card – CLOSED

19 Mar

Whether you are out working still (thank you!) or in quarantine or self isolating at home (thank you!) who can’t use something from Amazon?

You can order all kinds of home goods, necessities – send someone a gift or a surprise. Buy things you forgot to get at the store – and on and on.

I’m going to pick one lucky person to win a $25 Amazon gift card – this is from me to you, not sponsored by anyone or anything. So, let’s have some fun with the entries! 🙂

1 – Tell me something good right now – something you saw, did, heard about.

2 – Tell me what you might use the card for – necessity, snack…..

3 – Tell me what you want the next giveaway to be – something local maybe?

4 – Share this giveaway somewhere and let me know you did

This giveaway is open to all Canadians – once it ends I’ll email the winner the card. Giveaway will end Tuesday March 24th at noon.

To enter, just reply to the comments area.

CLOSED – Congrats to Amy who wins the giftcard 🙂

49 Replies to “Enter to win a $25 Amazon Canada Gift Card – CLOSED

    • We heard a loud pop noise 2 days ago. Our neighbours car was on fire on they didn’t know. My husband hopped the fence to avoid the fire in the front and I called 911. He banged on their back window. Turns out they were just finishing dinner (it was the home owners birthday) and they had no idea. he helped get the young kids over and safe to our house and then the adults. Social distancing clearly had to be excused. Extra chaos in a time like this!

      2 – Something new to entertain my 2 year old with, probably an art activity

      3- skip the dishes or similar

      4- shared to my instagram


    • 1 – something good I saw was, a community post where a lady offering to walk by your house with her dog and, allow your kids to request which tricks her dog will perform using a pre-established series of hand signs through the window.
      2 – I would probably use this for craft supplies, possibly for my kids, but possibly for me! Either that or easter basket goodies, or those period panties I’ve been wanting to try.
      3 – maybe the next giveaway could be a local unique thing: a tiny restaurant you know of that’s a gem, crock-a-doodle, an escape room, etc.
      4 – shared on Facebook!

    • 1) Text machines can be used for phone calls! One week into self-isolation and I’ve realized how sweet it is to SEE and TALK to people. It’s so easy and convenient to text but so much more personable to talk to someone. Thank you for reconnecting me and my friends in the forgotten art of real conversation!!
      2) What to buy?! No idea…. something that makes me smile.
      3) Love the idea of a local giveaway! I’ve been on a shop local kick and man do we have some great stuff to be proud of. So many things – Smak Dab, Tiber River, Morden Chocolates, pick your Manitoba honey producer of choice, Coal and Canary…
      4) Shared in conversation over the phone with friends (and wine)! Yes, we talk about your blog all the time – big Costco fans out here in rural Manitoba!

  1. What’s good is this global disaster is giving everyone an opportunity to remember what’s important to them! Family. It’s also reminding us to find pleasures in the simple things that we take for granted everyday, nature, the air we breathe, the sights & sounds right in our own backyard!
    2. I’d totally load up on fun snacks for the kids!
    3. Any giveaway is a blessing!
    4. Shared on my personal page!

  2. 1. Things that are good: my husband and I can have some time to connect outside of rushing to activities and commutes and our kids have been doing more playing outside and with friends.
    2. I would put it towards a few fun things that my husband has been eyeing but not wanting to buy for himself
    3. I wonder if the next give away should be one where the winner is actually paying it forward
    4. Shared

    • 1. Something good- connecting with friends on social media now that we have more time
      2. Buy- chocolate. Or maybe chocolate. Oh I know…chocolate! Lol
      3. Next giveaway – Easter pre-order at Jenna Raes!!
      4. Shared in my neighbourhood gym group

  3. Nice .. Thank-you. I don’t need the 25 $ now. Another time I would enter but since this is often about groceries remember if you hsve to shop leave something in the Harvest bin if the storebhas one. Share if you can.

  4. 3: a local business would be awesome to support during this time when so many doors are closing temporarily. Maybe Jenna Rae Cakes, Cranked Energy, BDI etc.

  5. 1. So many food stores are opening early or specifically for people who are more susceptible to getting sick. It’s good to see!
    2. I’ll use the card to order some organizing items for my home. It’s been 9 months since moving in and some serious organizing needs to be done!
    3. Yes! Something local! Like an Oh Doughnuts gift certificate!
    4. Shared on Facebook!

  6. 1. My plants are growing nicely in my plant room.
    2. Maybe some cat toys or ink for my printer.
    3. We really need to support small businesses now.
    4. Shared

  7. Something good right now is that robins have been spotted on our property. Spring is coming (actually it starts today!).

  8. I would love the next giveaway to be gift card (Walmart, Shopper’s Drug Mart, grocery store) or Paypal related. Always useful!

  9. 1. I’ve seen many people helping each other. Personally I live in a small condo with my husband and young son. I often stand at the front doors tomlet him marvel at the car whizzing by for a while when he is crabby. While there, people come in and out of the building, but no one ever really talks to anyone. Since this all started, people have been chatting on their way in and out. Asking questions about my son. Saying hello and goodbye to him by name. It’s been pretty great to see.

    2. I would use the card towards ordering a breadmaker on Amazon. In our small condo, the fire alarm is ultimate sensitive. I can barely use my oven. A breadmaker is going to save us! Hahahaha.

    3. This is the first time since I started following that I have seen a giveaway. I am fairly new. I don’t know if you have done one before but I would love to see something small business. Maybe cocoa beans or harvest bakery or high tea bakery. Clearly I like bakery items it seems. Breadmaker here I come!

    4. I am sharing this link right now in several of my group chats!

  10. Something good- My Dad is off for a couple weeks because of all that is happening, but I’m choosing to look at the positive side of it, that this Daddy’s Girl gets to spend time with my Dad.

    What I’d use the card for – To buy books, so that I have something to do during this time.

    What the next giveaway should be- Perhaps something for a local restaurant where we could order delivery. Support a business, and enjoy a night off from cooking.

    Shared. Thanks for the chance.

  11. 1. My next door neighbour just cleared my driveway for me! So thankful.

    2. I would probably use it to order my 6 year old daughter some new chapter books, she’s all of a sudden reading everything like crazy I can’t find books for her fast enough!

    3. Something like OhDoughnuts would be awesome!

    4. Shared!

    • Hi, I’d love to win this gift card and because we’re all staying home now, I actually have time to enter this contest!

      – Something good: this week we have played Monopoly with our 4-year-old and all 4 times he has MONOPOLIZED THE BOARD. As a lover of board games and puzzles, I am SO PROUD of him! This increased family time has truly improved our household flow and I find myself feeling more grateful for all of the little things in life.

      – Buy: I would probably buy a loaf pan or baking supplies so that I can bake some home-made bread or other goodies. I never had too much time before but I now I would love to try a new hobby.

      – Next Giveaway: maybe an gift card through skip the dishes or a gift card from a grocery store that does online orders??

      – Also, I’ve shared this with friends and family on Facebook =]

  12. Thanks for running a giveaway! A local business giveaway in the future would be wonderful as I’m sure many of them will need a boost once things are back to somewhat normal.

  13. Love!!

    1. Something good….I was able to attend a zumba class with my fave instructor today. More people at work got sent home to work too!
    2. Probably order the ingredients for birthday supper. Lol boyfriend end of the month.
    3. Most things are closed now, but maybe a take away place or a skip credit. .
    4. Shared!

  14. Love it!
    1. how neighbours are watching out for each other
    2. probably something for the grandkids.
    3. any thing would be helpful
    4. shared on my Facebook page.

  15. 1) something good in my life is skype! I have three kids, the two eldest are away for school, one in the USA and one in Australia. it’s amazing to be able to skype with them and connect in this stressful time. I so appreciate this new technology!
    2) i’d get some gardening stuff I have been wanting, looking/ waiting for spring to arrive
    3) I would love to get some local honey or other products. Honey especially. Being cooped 4)up gives me a sweet -tooth!
    thanks for the giveaway and hope everyone stays healthy.

    • 1 – our neighbourhood hung shamrocks in our windows to make a fun walk adventure for kids and it will be continuing with hanging art or other themed ideas.

      2 – an Easter gift for my son or something for the family to enjoy together

      3 – a skip the dishes gift card so we can support local businesses, the delivery person, and stay socially isolated!

      4 – shared on Facebook!

  16. 1 – Tell me something good right now – I’m keeping in touch with my family more then ever. And I’ve made sure my elderly neighbor has all she needs, and if her family is not able to help out and she needs something to just give me a call and we’ll go to the store for her.

    2 – Tell me what you might use the card for – yoga mat – can’t go to the gym so doing their online workouts and my knees hurt from my floors lol

    3 – Tell me what you want the next giveaway to be – kinsmen bingo cards 👍🏻

    4 – Share this giveaway somewhere and let me know you did – Facebook

  17. 1) Something good I saw today at superstore-a ladies baskets fell over and before you knew it there were a bunch of people beside her helping to pick them up. 2). I’d use the card to get ebooks to read while I’m at home. 3). The next card I would like to see is for a local small town restaurant as those are probably being hit harder right now. 4). And shared this giveaway. Thank you

  18. 1 – Tell me something good right now – something you saw, did, heard about.- A few of our Winnipeg Jets team members donated money to Winnipeg harvest to support the community that supports them

    2 – Tell me what you might use the card for – craft supplies or a new clock for my parents, so many possibilities

    3 – Tell me what you want the next giveaway to be – Maybe a gift card for a small local business that could use our support right now

    4 – Shared on Facebook

  19. 1 – Tell me something good right now – posts on social media about the positives of what’s going on right now – parents have more time with children at home, more time to connect with family and friends especially those that live in other cities

    2 – Tell me what you might use the card for – eye patches for my toddler because she needs to wear an eye patch every day to correct her vision; they are easier and less painful to remove than the ones available locally in store

    3 – Tell me what you want the next giveaway to be – Gift card from skip the dishes or grocery store

    4 – Facebook

  20. Something good: I see lots of people practicing social distancing in creative ways. It’s fun to see their creativity on Facebook with pictures!

    • 1) were all in good health right now
      2)might use the card for gift for my sons 10th Birthday or easter hunt gifts.
      3)next gift card- something local like happy dance hummus or tenderloin meat shop or even local coffee or ice cream shops.
      4) shared on facebook

  21. 1 – I’m spending quality time with my GF.
    2 – I’d use it towards a gift for my GFs daughter’s upcoming bday.
    3 – I think you should stick with Amazon gift cards for giveaways, they are universally useful for everyone, especially during this pandemic while everyone is stuck at home.
    4 – Shared

  22. 1) A good thing I saw yesterday, on such a beautiful day, was lots of people spending time outside or going for a walk!
    2) I would use it for a birthday gift since I have a few in our family coming up.
    3) Another giveaway idea could possibly be for something that can be used online.

  23. 1. I am feeling really grateful that I am currently on maternity leave so I didn’t have to worry about work or childcare. My kiddos are 2.5 and 7 months so they have no idea what is going on.
    2. I would purchase some bubbles and crafting supplies for the kiddos
    3. A skip the dishes or gift card to your favourite restaurant.
    4. ShAred in my stories on Instagram – 0206jupiter

  24. 1 my kids are everything to me so that’s what my good is

    2 a motion sensor sprinkler to keep the deer out of my garden

    3 honey because I love honey and it’s great in tea when your sick

    4 shared to my profile 😊

  25. I watched the Costco employees working with the line ups. They were so pleasant, smiling, and very informative. Not one of them seemed to begrudge what they were doing, no matter how many times they had to repeat themselves. Way to go Costco.

    I would probably buy a treat for our home, something to brighten things up.

    I think the give away should be a treat for a small group of front line workers, a medical group, a grocery store staff, a fire hall or paramedic team, a thank you of sorts.

    I am sharing on FB to our creative crafting group (if someone wins, they get more craft supplies)

  26. 1) Even though Covid is tough, I love how families are spending quality time together.
    2) I would use it to buys some essentials for our house that we need.
    3) Giveaway to a local restaurant that is struggling right now because of Covid.
    4) Shared on Facebook.

  27. 1 – Trying to help my elderly neighbours by leaving groceries on their doorstep, and talking to them on the phone
    2 – Would use it buy items to occupy my kids during Covid.
    3 – Grocery store or mall gift card
    4 – Shared to FB

  28. 1. Love how people are decorating their windows with messages for their neighbours.
    2. would use the gift card to buy a surprise gift for my kiddos.
    3. A gift card that would support a local business,
    4. Facebook.

  29. Something good- finishing a project I started 2years ago! Lol
    I would use it to get something for my daughters birthday!
    I like the idea of another Amazon gift card.
    Shared on Facebook!

  30. 1. Went for a walk in my small community and saw lots of rainbows in the windows!
    2. I would probably buy some diapers or a toy for my child.
    3. Keep up with online gift cards – stay home folks!
    4. Shares with my friends!

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