Enter to win 4 tickets to Hot Wheels Monster trucks live in Winnipeg! #hotwheelsmonstertruckslive

14 Aug

Hot Wheels Monster trucks are making their one and only Canadian stop in Winnipeg on August 24th and 25th.

It looks to be an amazing show for the entire family – and how neat for all the Hot Wheels fans too!!!

Adult tickets are $25, $35 or $45 and kids tickets are just $15!

There are 6 brand new trucks and also the original King of Monster trucks, Bigfoot!

There will be all kinds of amazing jumps and stunts and tons of awesome high flying action.

I have 4 tickets to give away to the show in Winnipeg, here are your ways to enter:

1 – Comment with who you’d bring to the show and what you most look forward to seeing

2 – Share the link to this giveaway on your Facebook using the hashtag #hotwheelsmonstertruckslive and comment that you did so

Contest is open to all Canadians but you have to be in Winnipeg to attend the show. Good luck everyone! Giveaway ends August 21st at noon and the winner will be contacted via email.

100 Replies to “Enter to win 4 tickets to Hot Wheels Monster trucks live in Winnipeg! #hotwheelsmonstertruckslive

    • I will bring my husband,daughter and my son. My son and daughter really love monster trucks and I want them to experience watching them in person. We would like to see the different beautiful monster truck and their showdown.

  1. I’d bring my 3 kids! Plus it’s my sons Birthday that day! We’d look forward to it all…never have seen it before!

  2. I would take my husband and two kids and then purchase 2 more tickets for my other 2 kids, we look forward to see the jumps and the smashing of cars by the monster trucks

  3. I would most definitely bring my hot-wheels and monster truck obsessed son (and my two daughters too!). Oh I am crossing my fingers so hard that I win!! They’d all love this!

  4. I would bring my boys, they would be sooo happy to be able to experience this. What I look forward to seeing the most is the smiles on my kids faces. Shared on FB

  5. Liked and shared.
    I would love to take my kids and husband. We have never been to a monster truck show before and my kids love Hot Wheels. The thing that I’m looking forward to the most is watching my kids exitement. I have two boys, and they are totally into crashing and bashing they’re Hot Wheels cars, so I think they would totally love this!
    We actually never taken them to any concerts or shows, so this would be amazing to win. Thank you.

  6. Shared!

    I’d love to bring my husband, my 10 year old son, and 8 year old daughter. I’d be excited to see all of it since we’ve never been!

  7. I would like to take my children. Especially my son. Being in school has been tough to spend time together. Liked and shared!

  8. I would love to take my husband and kids. I would love to see all of the monster trucks. We have never gone to a show so it would be a first for everyone!

  9. I would bring my two boys and my husband. It is my son’s birthday that week and he LOVES monster trucks so this would be the absolute best gift I could get for him. thanks for the opportunity to potentially win tickets!!

  10. I would bring my three kids who I know would just love the hot wheels trucks. My favourite toys growing up and now they are theirs too!

  11. I would take my daughter and nephew and my husband! The kids would have so much fun!
    My daughter loves monster trucks and she’s only 2 and collects hot wheels already!

  12. I would bring my husband and truck loving kids! My 2 year old screams with excitement every time he sees the ad for the show! Shared!

  13. I would love to take my children I used to take them when they were little We have spent the last 6 months dealing with my Mother who had Colon cancer and had to have surgery so we spent a lot of time at the hospital an outing as a family would be great Thank you, We love the monster trucks competeing for highest jumps/ most tricks

  14. I would bring my hubby and our two daughters. We have never attended this show and would love to see all the monster trucks!

  15. I would bring my children and their dad! None of us have never been before! Would be a nice outing for the all of us together!

  16. My husband and kids would love to go. My son’s birthday is coming up and he absolutely loves Hot wheels and monster trucks!

  17. I’d bring my grandson and hubby and friend Shaun! I’d look most forward to seeing his little face when the trucks come out.

    Shared on facebook!

  18. I would bring my husband, older son and younger son, just turned 3, and all his gifts were hot wheels monster trucks, and everyday he asked to watch them on YouTube!, have shared link with hashtag

  19. I would bring my husband and 2 sons. We would love the see any of the Hotwheels trucks as they have collected these for years.

  20. I would bring my two sons and husband.
    This would be an amazing first time experience before our family welcomes our newest addition in September.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Shared fb

  21. I would love to take my kids and husband and would look forward to seeing the excitement on their faces ☺

  22. I would bring my husband and our two oldest boys (7 & 5). They love monster trucks! I have always wanted to see this show. My husband has taken the boys a couple of times and they loved it.

    Shared on facebook!

  23. Well with four boys it wouldn’t be hard for this Mom to find a date. All my boys love Hotwheels & Monster trucks!! We are most excited about seeing Bigfoot. Our August has been all about pokes, iv’s & hospital stays! I know this would brighten my youngest sons month 😀

  24. I’d love to take my daughter and my husband!! My daughter absolutely loves cars and trucks and monster trucks!!

  25. I would take my two little boys, Grayson and Landon. I look forward to seeing their big bright smiles when they see the trucks.

  26. My husband and I would would take our two little boys- Grayson and Landon. I look forward to seeing their big bright smiles when they see the trucks.

  27. I would bring my boyfriend and my 2 kids. They haven’t been to monster trucks in years and they still talk about it! We would love to see Bigfoot! Thanks for the chance to win

  28. Thank you for this opportunity.

    I’d bring my son and two grandkids who love Bigfoot.

    Shared on Facebook.

    Good luck to everyone.

  29. I’d bring my car-obsessed 3 year old son along with Daddy and Papa!
    He’s never been to a show like this and I think it would rock his world 🙂
    Shared on Facebook as well.

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