DIY wooden ornament tree – cheap and easy way to display ornaments and holiday decor

23 Nov

We saw these display trees at IKEA – they weren’t for sale, but a different way of displaying ornaments.

Perfect if you are not putting up a tree, or you just have that many special ornaments. You can see theme them, paint them, ribbon etc.

You can also use all kinds of different wood, reclaimed wood would be cool.

These are perfect too if you want a gift someone some ornaments, a great way to wrap them up nicely.

If you don’t have the tools, you can see if the store can pre-cut it for you, or ask a friend to do so.

My husband made me a bunch of them, here is his description on how to make them:

For this project i used:
1x3x6 spruce
5/8 dowels

Everything was cut with a circular saw, small hand saw, and my square.
For my first one I went small. 20 inches for the sides. I’ve angled my saw to a 15 degree angle. To which the top and bottom are cut on reversed sides. Where your top and bottom can be placed longer, then cut off after assembly.
As for the assembly i uesd 1 ½ inch finishing nails with wood glue. But for better strength screws would be better. Just remember to pre drill your holes before setting in the screws.
After your top and bottoms are assembled use hand saw to cut ends at correct angle.
Now for the dowels and its placement. If you have a particular ornaments that are large or small, you can place as many or little as you want. But I’ve spaced mine every 6 to 8 inches apart. So I’ve measured and centered both sides.
Using a slightly larger size drill bit than my ⅝ dowels. Standing my tree up and drilling as leveled as possible on both sides. Very important to have drill level. Before inserting dowels be sure to sand any imperfections on the inside first. Inserting dowel, with wood glue, through and protruding the other end by at least 1 inch so you can cut off your ends flush.
To finish off I sanded all my edges first rough sand paper 80 grit then smoothed to 120 grit sandpaper.
Installing the hooks was last and that was nailed on.
Got the idea from Ikeas Christmas display. This is my version of it.

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