Disney Super Buddies – Review

15 Oct

BuddiesThis is a great movie for a family like ours.Disney combines cute talking puppies with superhero powers! Great for my daughter who LOVES animals and for my youngest son who LOVES superheroes! So with this movie, there is no arguing over what movie to watch.

It all begins in the Fernfield Farms when Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud discover mysterious rings that grant them each a unique super power. Before you can say “Buddies,assemble” the pups unleash their amazing abilities and race to the rescue when a shape-shifting bully from outer space threatens the planet. But the question remains: Can they succeed in kicking major tail WITHOUT revealing their new secret identities?

Get a few laughs! Discover that through teamwork and wit, anyone can be a superhero.
Get your copy of Super Buddies at a store near you 🙂 Available on Blu-Ray dvd.


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